The Office's Activities

Coordination of Erasmus+ KA1 mobility programme at University of Nyíregyháza:

  • Searching for new partners and signing new Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements,
  • Continuous contact with the Erasmus+ partners,
  • Management of Erasmus+ Committee,
  • Management of the Erasmus+ student, teacher and staff mobility applications.

  Study/practicals mobility:

    Outgoing students:

  • Preparation of contracts for outgoing students,
  • Giving useful information about their rights and duties abroad,
  • Constant contact with the student while abroad and also with the receiving institution’s coordinator,
  • Administration of the necessary documents after the student’s return.

    Incoming students:

  • Registration of the incoming applications from partner institutions,
  • Contacting the incoming students,
  • Helping them with their schedule in collaboration with the relevant departments,
  • Organisation of the students’ accommodation and catering,
  • Offering intensive Hungarian language course and English communication course for the students,
  • Organisation of free-time activities, trips for the foreign students,
  • Issuing the Transcript of Records before the students’ departure.

  Teacher/staff mobility:

  • Preparation of contracts for outgoing teachers/staff,
  • Administration of the necessary documents after return.

The coordination of the CEEPUS program:

  • Allocation of sholarships for incoming teachers and students,
  • Preparation of financial reports.

Campus Hungary Programme:

  • Giving information and disseminating the programme,
  • Helping the interested students and staff with the applications.

Organisation of visits abroad for teaching and academic-related staff.

Organisation of international conferences, meetings at University of Nyíregyháza

  • The office’s role is to take part in the administrative organisation of the meetings in collaboration with the professional organisers.

Duties to do with foreign guests visiting University of Nyíregyháza:

  • Organisation of their travel within Hungary,
  • Accommodation and catering,
  • Organisation of the guests’ professional and free-time programmes together with relevant departments.

Continuous contact with the university’s partners:

  • Invitation of the partner institutions’ representatives to the university ’s conferences, meetings,
  • Personal meetings with the purpose of vitalizing the relations and co-operations,
  • Delegation of the university’s representatives to the partner institutions,
  • Preparation of agreements with new partners.