Satisfaction survey

The satisfaction of both the employees and students are measured. Please choose from the menu on the left.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

The Satisfaction Survey of employees contains question-groups concerning  the immediate  place of work of the institution. The on-line questionnaire can be found here: (at survey period). The survey is anonymous and voluntary.

Student Satisfaction Survey

The college students' satisfaction survey is carried out in four areas:

  1. satisfaction of BSc students concerning the whole institution
  2. satisfaction of BSc students concerning their training
  3. satisfaction of BSc students concerning the work of the staff
  4. satisfaction of MSc students related to  training

Plans of the Quality Management Staff

The leaders of the College of Nyíregyháza and the Institutions prepare quality improvement plans at the beginning of each academic year which is judged by the Quality Management Committee and along with its integration into a document, submits it to the Senate. The institution's quality improvement plan will be public after having been accepted by the Senate.