Efficiency measurement

 Efficiency of the teaching staff and of the non-teaching employees are both measured. Please, choose from the menu on the left.

QualificationSystem of AcademicWorkers (ADMIR)

The College of Nyíregyháza and the former Ministry of Education and Culture signed a three-year maintainer agreement, in which they undertook to build and introduce a quality management system that covers all the  organizational levels and institutions of the college. The first element of this system is the Grading System of Academic Workers (ADMIR).  The Deputy Rector of Strategic and Scientific Research entrusted the Quality Management Commission with this task. The work has stretched in length, because the committee asked the institution's deans , leaders of departments, institutions and groups to comment on every draft. Several varieties have been created after receiving the suggestions, and  the  grading system received its final shape in the spring of 2008.

The Quality Management Committee devised a questionnaire  with multiple functions. This system provides the basis for measuring efficiency, for carrying out individual career plans, provides a starting point for the institutional decisions related to human resources, provides information on accreditation procedures, and gives opportunity for an objective motivational system and the introduction of an efficiency-based payment.

The ADMIR system is useful in the following areas (half a year, or focusing on a whole period examined):

  1. educational performance
  2. positions at the college
  3. Hungarian publications
  4. foreign language publications
  5. Hungarian scientific presentations
  6. scientific lectures in foreign languages
  7. art performance
  8. performances related to the areas of physical education and sport
  9. academic training
  10. scientific organizational and application activities
  11. scientific, artistic, sporting and civic positions
  12. forming and operating international and national relations
  13. tasks related to the field of quality management
The ADMIR can be found here: https://admir.nyf.hu
Efficiency-measurement  of non-educational employees
We carry out surveys for the non-educational employees once a year as well, on the following areas:
- The employee meets the qualification requirements of the job
- Developing one’s own skills
- Studies that are necessary and useful for the job
- Information related to  the last professional training
- Willingness to continue his/her education
- Can the tasks be carried out during  the working hours, or do the employees need to work overtime
- Independent work