The International Relations Group of the Student Service Center conducts the all-round preparation of students for participating in mobility programmes as well as the administration of the issues of the international students.

Since 2017, the new Erasmus+ website and the online application platform have facilitated a better and faster information sharing and administration; the website was upgraded with new functions in 2018 and the official Facebook page of the International Relations Group was launched.

The staff of the International Relations Group have organised lectures about the possibilities and conditions of mobilities for the interested students and university staff in order to increase the quantity and quality of international mobilities.

In 2018, the monthly event called Mobility Café continued with the aim of promoting Erasmus+ and Campus Mundi programmes for the target group. Furthermore, the staff of the International Relations Group offer personal counselling and support to outgoing and incoming students and staff.

The interests of the international students are represented by the Student Union of the University of Nyíregyháza. Every student is a member of the Student Union; they are all electors and can be elected. International students can contact the Student Union with their problems and suggestions.

The Student Hall of Residence Group and the University Hall of Residence Board are entitled to deal with the hall of residence issues of the international students as well as represent their hall of residence interests, along with the International Relations Group.

The colleagues of the International Relations Group help the incoming international students in every upcoming question or problem in the main building „A”, in office 27, on weekdays from 8 am – 16 pm.

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