About us

The objective of the training

The aim of the training is to educate geographers who are able to gain self-knowledge in their professional field by possessing modern scientific approach. Through the training they should acquire the necessary theoretical and methodological foundations to understand the natural, socio-economic and urban environment, possessing knowledge regarding the functioning of the environment.

The general objectives of the Geographer Major

The aim of the department is to train students who have highly-skilled scientific and practical knowledge in order to become creative and innovative teachers. Our graduates should master knowledge regarding geo-sciences and the foundation of co-sciences, should possess broad geographic skills and attitudes, should be capable of the reception, interpretation, and further development of the modern results of geo-sciences. In addition to these skills they have to be familiar with geography-related IT systems and data processing methods, modern teaching methods and should possess a basic knowledge regarding a wide range of natural and social sciences and should know foreign languages. Along with the educational tasks, the scientific research of the region’s geography and social geography is an objective and requirement for the future geography teachers.